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masaz tajski 100Thai massage - classic

Thai massage is a kind of so called. deep massage that combines acupressure, passive yoga, stretching and reflexology (squeezing the right spots on the feet). Often this kind of massage is called "passive yoga" or "lazy yoga" because the body of a masseur is placed in various poses of yoga. This massage is performed without the use of olive oil.

During massage, the massaged person should be dressed in loose, comfortable clothing and lie on a special mattress or mat on the floor. 

Thai massage is a slow and rhythmic puncture of the muscles to bring them to relax. The next step is to stretch them. The massage therapist works very intensely with his body, using his hands, thumbs, elbows and forearms as well as feet.

At times, this massage is very intense and may be slightly painful - especially at the beginning, but it relaxes perfectly and reduces the fatigue of muscles and joints.

Thai healing massage has a positive effect on the body: it unlocks the energy flow, strengthens the muscles and elasticises the joints, accelerates metabolism, stimulates blood and lymph, strengthens the immune system, allows you to relax, reduce muscle tension and fully relax.

Price of massage: 90 min - 160 zł | 120 min - 200 zł

Please book your reservation at least 2 hours in advance.

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